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Fata Morgana
3 September
~*~General Information~*~

Name: Fata Althea Morgana
Nicknames: Fata
Age: 236


IQ: Average, with ditzy moments.
Phobias/Fears: Death, war.
Religious Beliefs: Unknown.
Intolerances/Annoyances: Know-it-alls, people who mistake her for a genie, being proved wrong, thieves.
Quirks/Habits: Plenty. Talking shrilly when mad, singing when bored, drinking too much at special occasions.


Parents: Hurk and Olivia
Siblings: Link and Leala
Spouse/Serious Lover: HAHAHA. No.
Children: None.

~*~Present Background~*~

Occupation: Independent store owner - The Mystic Soul
Education: Homeschooled.
Major: .. Magic? And... family values.
Activities: Flying, casting healing magic.
Home: During childhood, in Contego Forest. Now, in The Mystic Soul.
Friends: Lady Anastasia de Wulfe. Amaya.
Finances: ... Bad.


Height: In human form: 5'5 In true/faerie form: 6 inches
Eyes: Violet
Hair: White with a streak of violet
Face & Complexion: Cute, always smiling. Very pale complexion.
Build: Small.
Defining Marks: Matching eyes and hair. Broad smile. In true form - translucent wings.
Dress Style: Simple. Long skirts are a favorite. Peasant tops.
Manner of Speech: Loud. Emphatic. Loud. Friendly. Loud.
Manner of Movement: Also emphatic. Jumps around when angry.


Marital Status: PSH. Please. Single.
Sexual Preference: Straight. Human men. >D
Past Relationships: A few flings here and there.
Present Relationship(s): Nada.

~*~Other: She has the ability to sense a person's aura. She can tell if a person is honest and good or a rotten scoundrel. However, this power isn't too well honed, so she can be misled. Also has an odd obsession with barbecue corn chips. No one really knows why.

Who else is love?
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[[This is a character journal created for the closed RP the_peacemakers. Now a muse for original_muses The character is played by me, jdgrl47 Her PB is Billie Piper, an actress/singer.]]
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